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The Cave Healthy Food is a cafe in the center of Miami that follows the Paleo diet, a contemporary diet consisting on foods of wild plants, meat, fish and eggs commonly eaten by the Homo sapiens during the Paleolithic era. Cave Healthy Food is focused on the segment of healthy food, in addition to Paleo foods, we also offer our customers vegan and keto diet food. We believe the public is increasingly looking for better food and healthier living habits.


Custom Menu

To create the menu, the company has dedicated more than two years on studies searching for the best construction of flavors. We are always looking for ways to transform and rewrite classic recipes that bring benefits and great nutrition to the modern man. I believe that our organism is evolving and the human being without realizing it is in the process of evolution and the first change we notice is the way we feed ourselves.

The whole idea and ideology behind the Cave is to bring true delights in a very nourishing Paleolithic bakery, with hot dishes, vegans, juices and coffee-based drinks that can help you lose weight. Ingredients that are well known and used by our ancestors become modern food and affordable for all tastes in the Cave.

our menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Gluten free standards “Fell full” structure in its ingredients May improve weight loss Worlds best super foods Low carb content Protein pack content No moo milk Free of refined sugars, no harmful oils, nuts, roots and fruit base, loads of beneficial nutrients and anti aging properties, worry free and so much more.

Check out some of our delights

Specially made for you!

Cave Focaccia

Almond flour, coconut flour, apple cider.

May help to improve: Anti-aging properties, digestion, weight loss.


Banana Loaf

Banana flour, almond milk, honey.

May help to improve: Probiotic support, insulin resistance, fat burn.


Cave Signature Sliced Bread

Almond flour, Flax seeds, oat flour, honey.

May help to improve: Fiber intake, blood pressure, weight loss.

Wednesdays means

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Half Price on our Coffee

Come enjoy us on Wednesday, we have a special discount on our Breakfast

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